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The Coffee Klatch

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Pull Up A Chair and Sit Down
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It can take a long time to find enough motivation to want to do something good for yourself. Losing weight, or making any long-term lifestyle changes often means you need motivation, and the support of friends. And what better than friends who are going through the same as you? Friends keep each other motivated, can give a boost when spirits and energy are flagging, and often can come up with ideas have never even crossed our own mind!

So here is a place where we can share our tips for weight-loss and improving our overall health. We can share healthy recipes, articles we've read, vent when we're feeling slack or low, our exercise ideas for those who may be feeling bored with their own routine. We're aiming for long-term changes that can be maintained indefinitely, no fads or extreme measures for us!

The only thing we WON'T be asking for is your weight and measurements. This can put undue stress on a lot of people, when they don't see a downward movement every week, and it's not fair and less indicative of true health. True health is less about the size of your Levis, and more about how healthy your heart, lungs, and blood vessels are. So you're perfectly entitled to keep those figures private, if you're keeping them.

So join up, and post an introduction. Include a list of what you want out of becoming healthy without being too demanding of yourself! "I want to be able to play ball with my kids" is good. "I want to be a size 8 by November" isn't :P And then think about the barriers you have to getting healthy and make a list of those too. Trust me, there's going to be someone here who can relate to your barriers, and it gives us somewhere to start!

We'll be making extensive use of the tag system, so everything should be easy to find. Pull up a comfy chair - there's plenty of room around this kitchen table - and come in for a chat or a vent, or to find some tips and information.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your healthier life!