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06 December 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Personal training  
Last night I got a free personal training session at our gym. Most of it was spent talking to the trainer about my goals and him trying to sell me on buying a personal training package. But the part where we actually worked out, yeah. He kicked my ass. I thought I was working hard before. I initially walked in just wanting to talk to someone about designing a training program for me. I generally don't need someone to scream at me and tell me to push it. When I get to the gym, I'm ready to work, and I'm motivated. But I need someone to tell me what muscles to target, which specific exercises to do. But from what he told me, my body adjusts to a workout after 2 weeks and it becomes ineffective, so I need to do all sorts of different stuff to keep losing weight, and I need to target certain muscle groups together. There were just 2 things that I thought was weird:

1. He told me cardio is a waste of my time right now. He said it was good for my health, but not effective for building lean muscle, which will help me lose weight. He said if I have some certain amount of lean muscle, it will burn 500 calories from me just sitting on my ass doing nothing during the day. That sounds nice, but the cardio thing sounds sort of backwards from everything I've ever heard.
2. I told him my goal was to lose 30 pounds. He said it should be 40. Fuck you, buddy, you don't know my body. (Fortunately, he wouldn't be my trainer.) I know that there's all these stupid charts that say what I should weight, but when I was 50 lbs less, my head looked too big for my body. I didn't have washboard abs, but I was a girl's size 14. I don't want to be skinny; I want to be athletic and healthy.

He put me through a very hard program. I worked harder than I've worked in years, and he didn't even put me on a treadmill. So maybe the cardio thing is true, but I think it would still be a good idea to do it on days where I don't lift.

He tried to sell me on a $250 a month package. That was pretty much out of the question. Finally, he "found" a 3x a month package (with some free sessions during the first month) for $99 a month. I would meet with a trainer once a week (a few more times the first month, for free) and she would guide me through a program and show me how to vary it up. He said he really thought I could lose 30 lbs in 4 months. It's a lot more reasonablly priced, but damn I hate spending money on myself. I feel guilty clothes shopping! I think we can afford it, but I didn't want to give him a yes right there because it was a pretty high-pressure sales pitch, and those make me uncomfortable and tend to scare me away.

The question is, should I go for it? It's an investment in myself. If I lose weight, I know I will think it's worth it. But if I don't, I'm just going to feel pissed off and scammed. Have any of you had a personal trainer, and how did it go? Were you satisfied? Am I getting a good rate?

I don't think I can sign up for it this month. We're gone on vacation half the month anyway. Then I will have ski lessons in January and February, but I can just make sure that my leg workout days will be at a different point in the week. I hate starting after New Years because EVERYONE will be at the gym and wanting a personal trainer, but I guess I'll just have to live.
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